Simone Zaza Ready to Re-Join Italy

Simone Zaza Ready to Re-Join Italy

Simone Zaza has scored his eighth goal in the last six league games for Valencia, and this seems to be Zaza’s “entry ticket” to join the Italian national team against Sweden later.

It was rumored that the forward will hold a meeting with the Azzurri national team coach, Giampiero Ventura with regards to the World Cup playoffs on 10 and 13 November.

With Valencia winning over Alaves 2-1, Simone Zaza is expected to play as the starting XI for Italy.

Zaza has scored eight goals in the last six games and currently has contributed 15 goals for Valencia in 30 competitive matches, joining Marco Di Vaio as Italy’s top scorer in the club’s history.

The 26-year-old has scored in the last six games and Zaza has a chance to become the first player since 1944 to score in seven consecutive games.

Interestingly, Zaza has scored nine goals in La Liga this season, more than when playing for his old club, West Ham United total of only eight.

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