Neville Appoints Two Players That Became The Culprit Chelsea Massacred Rome In Champions League

Neville Appoints Two Players That Became The Culprit Chelsea Massacred Rome In Champions League

Phil Neville calls Cesc Fabregas and Tiemoue Bakayoko to be the weakest points in the Chelsea game when they were subdued from Roma at the Olimpico on Wednesday (1/11) early morning According to both players are not suitable to play simultaneously because it has the same style of play.

For the umpteenth time, Fabregas and Bakayoko played simultaneously as the Blues were beaten by Roma with a landslide score 3-0 in fourth matchday Champions League Group C.

The declining performances that Chelsea showed recently might have an impact on the absence of their tough Kante midfielder. There was no breaker in the middle of the Blues, who used to cut off the opponent’s ball and become the first to build an attack.

The French international midfielder has not appeared in October, following a hamstring injury he suffered while defending France at the international break. His absence made Fabregas a bit of a difficulty when he had to divide his concentration between defending and attacking.

Fabregas and Bakayoko are easy to miss

Neville also saw that Bakayoko can not be relied upon to replace the role of Kante is indeed very vital. According to the new midfielder imported from Monaco last summer, has the same style of play with Fabregas is attacking so it would be risky to get a counterattack.

“Fabregas has two players behind him who guarded last season’s defense area,” said Gary Neville’s sibling.

“He has the ability to play with more freedom and less responsibility in conditions of survival. When he plays with two people in midfield, he will be easy to pass. ”

“Bakayoko is not a defensive defensive midfielder, he also wants to go forward and now they are out of balance without N’Golo Kante.”

The defeat makes the Blues down to second place standings Group C, after being shifted by the Giallorossi with a difference of one point only. They became the first England team to swallow defeat in the Champions League.

But good news for Chelsea supporters, as Kante is likely to make a comeback as they fight against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge in the 12th week English League streak at Stamford Bridge. (Source: Daily Mail)

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