Del Piero Acknowledge Dybala’s Prowess at Juventus

Del Piero Acknowledge Dybala’s Prowess at Juventus

The Juventus legend, Alessandro Del Piero, admitted to being impressed with Paulo Dybala. He also hopes the Argentine player last long in the Bianconeri squad.

Dybala uses the number 10 season at Juventus. The 23-year-old player performed brilliantly with 12 goals scored in 10 appearances.

“I am very happy to see Dybala No. 10 is not mine.Before I have Roberto Baggio, Omar Sivori and Michel Platini are also wearing it And now there is a superstar who has everything to survive in Juve for life if he wants,” said Del Piero to Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Dybala raised his level much higher at the start of the season, he did some interesting things, I’m not just talking about goals, I’m talking about how he can decide the outcome of the game, he also has a rare moral quality.”

Dybala has been defending Juventus since 2015. Total, Dybala has featured 104 matches and scored 54 goals. Dybala has also donated five titles.

“I hope Dybala can do what I do in Turin, because no one can get into the hearts of fans like him,” Del Piero added.

Juventus themselves are now ranked second in Serie A. Bianconeri standings are two points behind Napoli on the throne.

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