Ahead of North-West Derby, Klopp Confident Liverpool Mute Manchester United Without Mane

Ahead of North-West Derby, Klopp Confident Liverpool Mute Manchester United Without Mane

Jurgen Klopp feels confident Liverpool can look slick when facing Manchester United, Saturday (14/10) night WIB, though without reinforced Sadio Mane. The 25-year-old striker suffered a hamstring injury while defending Senegal in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers.

Mane has done well at the start of the season, scoring three goals in five games in the Premier League. But now he should be absent for up to six weeks ahead because of serious problems in his thigh muscles.

Like deja vu, the previous Reds also have to diving a number of parties without the presence of Mane in January 2017 for coinciding with the African Cup title. Meanwhile this season, they have also missed three games without Mane for getting a three-match ban due to a red card in the loss to Manchester City.

It made their momentum of victory faded as Mane’s absence. Klopp expects a ray of light to return to the best performance, starting with Manchester United.

When asked about the fact that the Reds were able to score 23 points from 10 games without Sadio Mane, Klopp replied: “So we do not need Sadio right? Thank you God!”

“We can certainly play soccer without Sadio because we often do it, more often than we want,”

“He is a player of the highest quality, we all know this, and that is very unlucky. We can play without him, even if we want to have him continue in the line-up. ”

The German manager was not too concerned about the international break, although many of them take casualties and it often happens in his team at this time.

“Things like this happen. If you look around the world, many players in this international break are injured, “he added.

“You always hope nothing will happen, but as long as they’re there, we do not know exactly what’s going on. It is very difficult to connect with all the different federations and all these things.

“I chatted immediately after the game with Sadio, how I always do it with the players. It’s not clear it’s going to be serious, but he says ‘I feel something in my hamstring’, so obviously he will miss the United game, and now we know it’s a lot longer, ”

“It’s not cool, but we have to face it – how we should always do it.”

Klopp insists there has been no further fitness concern from his squad. He hopes Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino will be ready to face United even though they are late returning from Brazil.

“They have a long flight, but quite comfortable I’m sure. I can imagine because I see the price! “He concluded laughingly commented on the jet aircraft that Coutinho and Firmino boarded. (Source: Liverpool Echo)

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