AC Milan Sport Director’s Response to Defeat Montella Forces

AC Milan Sport Director’s Response to Defeat Montella Forces

AC Milan’s sporting director, Marco Fassone, understands a series of minor results his team has experienced.

The new AC Milan lost to Sampdoria 0-2 on the sixth-placed Italian League side at the Luigi Ferraris stadium on Sunday (24/09/2017).

Fassone considers that the match should have won AC Milan due to material excellence.

“I congratulate Sampdoria, but AC Milan are stronger and should have gone through the game with a different approach,” Fassone said as quoted by from Football Italia.

“Today, we ought to be angry, I came to speak because this defeat should not be regarded as ordinary,” he said.

Fassone’s remarks are understandable considering the Rossoneri’s I-rated team spent a lot of money on players spending in the summer of 2017.

However, the director also does not neglect the adaptation process that new players need.

“We expect the first six months of the season to be difficult because of the many obstacles that come in. The new players are still preparing, the second round should be easier for us,” Fassone said.

The defeat of Sampdoria became the second time for AC Milan in the Italian League 2017-2018.

In addition, Vincenzo Montella troops are thrown to sixth position standings with a collection of 12 points.

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